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Training, both in Reading and overseas, has been an important activity of VEERU since its inception.

Extensive and fundamental changes are taking place in livestock industries throughout the world. These changes present new problems to everyone concerned with animal production and health. They create the need to be able to define optimum levels of productive efficiency which are in keeping with food needs and preferences, human health considerations, conservation, rural development and animal welfare. In relation to animal health, they need to deal with changing patterns in major diseases, the appearance of entirely new problems, and the recognition of many mild or subclinical diseases as a serious constraint to productive efficiency.

Therefore, new approaches are needed for the design and management of programmes and services and, particularly, for the generation and management of information upon which appropriate animal production and health policies can be based.

Over the past three decades VEERU developed a series of study courses to address these needs. They have been attended by large numbers of veterinarians, animal production specialists and economists from all continents, many of whom have gained MSc, MPhil and PhD degrees through their studies.

VEERU’s position in the Agricultural Department of the School of Policy and Development, The University of Reading, and its close associations with other Agencies and Institutes in UK enables it to design and implement customized courses on:

  • veterinary epidemiology, risk analysis and economics of animal health and production

  • data management and traceability in animal health and production systems from farm to national level

Proposals are welcomed for short course and ad hoc training, to be conducted in UK, at Reading and other relevant venues, or in other countries.  Enquiries regarding training should be sent to veeru@reading.ac.uk .



Current and recent training activities in UK include:



  • Training course for field and laboratory staff of the Kosovo Veterinary & Food Agency in surveillance, contingency planning and emergency preparedness for Avian Influenza and other transboundary diseases

  • provision of a training/study tour focused on exotic disease contingency planning for representatives of veterinary services in Croatia


Current and recent training activities overseas include:
  • Development of curricula and staff training programmes for two new veterinary faculties at Gondar and Jigjiga in Ethiopia

  • Two missions to train Jordan Government Animal Health staff in veterinary epidemiology and animal disease surveillance methods

  • Four training workshops in Surveillance, Investigation, Control and Prevention of Avian Influenza for veterinary officers from provincial sub-departments and regional centres of northern, central and southern Vietnam - part of the WB/FAO Avian Influenza emergency Recovery Project

  • Two one week workshops on FMD outbreak surveillance investigation, tracing and control, for countries of Balkans and Transcaucasus regions

  • Three courses in Basic Epidemiology and Veterinary Economics for provincial veterinary officers from provinces of northern, central and southern Vietnam - part of a capacity-building initiative by the EU Strengthening of Veterinary Services Vietnam project

  • Seminar on diseases of small ruminants and preparation of two hand books on small ruminant disease in Botswana

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